Al Barsha Interior Design

Ehsan Interiors specializes in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Our work on the Al Barsha Private Office is a testament to our commitment to crafting elegant and functional interiors. With a carefully curated color palette, luxurious materials, and thoughtful design, we transformed this office into a true masterpiece.

Design Concept:

The Al Barsha Private Office embodies a modern and refined design theme. The primary color palette consists of calming whites and sophisticated grays. The reception area stands out with gray and white marble walls, complemented by wooden paneling. To create an aura of sophistication, we added minimalist chandeliers with soft white light. Black chairs, a beige sitting stool, and a plush gray couch provide both comfort and aesthetic balance.


In the workspace, a white working table and mirrored couch table with golden frames exude opulence and elegance. To infuse vibrancy, we incorporated pops of green and yellow in the waiting area, where a chic waiting couch welcomes guests.


  • Luxurious Reception: The marble and wooden elements in the reception area create a grand first impression, enhanced by the soft glow of minimalist chandeliers.
  • Elegant Furnishings: The choice of black, beige, gray, and mirrored furniture items seamlessly align with the color palette.
  • Pop of Color: Green and yellow accents in the waiting area add a refreshing touch.
Al-Barsha reception interior design dubai
Al-Barsha meeting hall
Al-Barsha waiting room interior design
Al-Barsha lunch hall interior design
Al-Barsha center hall interior
Al-Barsha work stations
Al-Barsha meeting hall interior