CG Barbershop

Presented by Ehsan Interior Decor

Welcome to Ehsan Interior Decor’s portfolio, showcasing our exceptional design work for CG Barber Shop. Step inside to explore the captivating fusion of dark grey, black, silver, and white aesthetics, complemented by exquisite white wall lights and striking artwork that create a bold statement in this unique barber shop space.

Color Palette:

  • Dark Grey and Black: These dominant colors symbolize elegance and sophistication, setting the tone for a sleek and modern atmosphere.
  • Silver: Adding a touch of metallic brilliance, silver accents throughout the space give it a sense of luxury and refinement.
  • White: Used strategically to balance the dark tones, white brings purity and cleanliness, creating a harmonious contrast.

Design Elements:

  • Wall Art: Striking artwork on the walls, carefully selected by Ehsan Interior Decor, adds personality and character to the space, enhancing the ambiance and reflecting the artistry of barbering.
  • Wall Lights: Exquisite white wall lights, chosen to perfection by Ehsan Interior Decor, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They not only illuminate the space but also serve as captivating design elements.
  • Wall Paneling: The walls are adorned with exquisite paneling, provided by Ehsan Interior Decor, offering texture and depth to the space. This classic design choice adds a touch of timeless charm to the modern interior.

Key Features:

  • Barber Stations: Each barber station is meticulously designed by Ehsan Interior Decor for comfort and functionality, harmonizing with the dark and silver color scheme.
  • Seating: Plush and comfortable seating areas, curated by Ehsan Interior Decor, provide a relaxing space for clients to wait or enjoy services.
  • Client Testimonials:

    “Working with Ehsan Interior Decor was a breeze. They captured our vision perfectly and turned CG Barber Shop into a stylish and welcoming space.”

    “The attention to detail in the design is outstanding. Our clients love the atmosphere, and our staff find it a pleasure to work in such a beautiful space.”

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    Thank you for exploring Ehsan Interior Decor’s Barber Shop design portfolio for CG Barber Shop. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your interior design dreams to life.

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