Ehsan Interiors is delighted to showcase our design work at the Tanmiah Food Company office. We’ve created a space that seamlessly combines professionalism with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Design Elements:

  • Reception: The reception area boasts a wooden counter and a wooden wall design, infusing the space with natural warmth. Gray chairs provide a comfortable and welcoming ambiance.
  • Waiting Area: The waiting area features a variety of couch styles, gray flooring, and a product display that showcases the company’s offerings. This setup creates a dynamic and inviting space for guests.
  • Office: The office area is furnished with a gray table and gray chairs. A prominent gray display with green accents in the center, highlighted by integrated lighting, adds a stunning focal point. Additionally, a comfortable brown couch and table create an informal and cozy space within the office.

Project Highlights:

Tanmiah Food Company’s office design strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. It’s a space that greets guests with natural warmth and showcases the company’s products in a stylish manner. The office area is versatile, ensuring that employees have a welcoming and efficient environment for their daily tasks. Ehsan Interiors excels in creating spaces that reflect our clients’ unique identities and meet their specific needs. Tanmiah Food Company’s office is more than just a place of business; it’s a dynamic and welcoming setting that caters to both work and client interactions, ensuring a memorable and productive experience.

Tammiah reception counter
Tammiah waiting hall
Tammiah guest area interior
Tammia waiting area interior
Tammiah entrance
Tammiah hallway
Tammiah CEO office
Tammiah CEO office interior
Tammiah CEO office seating area